PANs internationales Awareness-Projekt

750 Millionen Menschen der Weltbevölkerung sind Analphabeten. Deshalb startete PAN ein internationales Awareness-Projekt mit Kurzanimationsfilmen zu den Themen „Funktion der Organe“, „Krebsentstehung“ und „Gesundheitsförderndes Verhalten“.

The project #TheEyeofGuardian – Guardian of Time supporting PAN is the beginning of an international campaign that will be followed by many more similar awareness projects inspired by artist Manfred Kielnhofer’s sculpture “Guardian of Time.”

The installation had its beginning in Accra, Ghana and is held in cooperation with the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Ghana have partnered up with PAN as well as Kielnhofer, who came up with the original idea for the sculpture „Guardian of Time,” and David Searle with his Animated Patient-series of short informed animations. We built a tent that had the shape of Kinhofer’s „Guardian“ sculpture.